My Jesus Cheetoh

Hello. My name is Dorothy Dursley of Rio Rancho, NM, and I have a story I have GOT to share!

I've had a weight problem for a long time. I've tried everything - Weight Watchers, Atkins, Slimfast, you know the drill! I just haven't been able to keep the pounds off!

Then, last February, I found myself full of remorse as I pulled down yet another bag of Cheetohs. I said "Jesus, I know you want me to lose weight somehow. Please, Lord, give me a sign to help me find the courage to do what I need to. I'm so weak - HELP ME, JESUS!!"

And that's when the Miracle happened. I opened the bag, full of guilt, and pulled out a Cheetoh, and THERE WAS LORD JESUS STARING ME IN THE FACE!!!

Here are some pictures of this Blessed Message. Praise Jesus, I have not eaten one Cheetoh since then.


Love, Dorothy

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