Meet the Band!

Denby Auble (Denby) - acoustic guitar, vocals, extremely rarely pedal steel and bass. Denby is sole proprietor of Blue Corn Music, an "indie" label supporting emerging singer-songwriters of Americana and folk music. Retired from Sr. Vice President - Geophysicist, Western Geophysical, Houston, TX. Education: BSc Maths, MSc Geophysics (NMIMT 1978, 1981). Married to Kerry Inman.
Jeff Baseheart (Jeff-the-Drummer) - Drums. Jeff joined us in the past 5-years and has taken us to a solid (and more danceable…!) sound. Jeff has played with a number of bands in the bay area, prior to moving to the Modoc Plateau where he is a real estate barron. Jeff has worked for the Golden Gate Transit Authority, the mutual fund industry and others, in his pursuit of quitting every possible job and career choice possible.
Bradley Gale Billings (BG/WB/FW) - Percussion. Brad has long been support for the band and as drummer for some fledgling bands in Socorro, circa 1977. Brad hails from Albuquerque, and recently has taken the reins at his eponymous firm started by his father. Billings and Associates, doing environmental remediation. Brad holds degrees in geology and nursing. Don't ask... has a son (he is a joy!!!), enjoys dear friends. Writes poems, some haiku some not, plays music, listens to music, studies kokikai aikido, paints in sumi-e style, loves spicy food and old single malt scotch...

Bill Giebitz (Blind Billy) - guitars, vocals and some curiously inspired bass. Giebitz is the sole proprietor of Guitar Services of Austin, a high-end custom guitar and vintage instrument restoration business now based in Socorro, NM. Giebitz has been a luthier for over 30 years, and has worked at Collings Guitars and Strait Music in Austin.
Randy Hanson (RTH) - mandolin, vocals. Hydrologist, U.S. Geological Survey, San Diego, CA. Returned to the Fold, 2011!
Barry Hembree (Barry) - fiddle, mandolin, vocals. Having retired from AMD in 2002, Barry has taken to his luthier practice specializing in crafting violins and custom bows. Education: PhD mathematician, UNM, 1991. Married to Michelle.
The "Booty King"

- accordion & keyboard. The Booty King is renowned up and down the Rio Grande valley. If you hear him say "Comin' atcha babe", RUN. Has been know to play entire sets with his pants down.

But then, he is the Booty King.

Bruce Mitchell - 5-string banjo, purring pedal steel and and vocals. Brucie has been with the band for over 10 years and has added hugely to our energy and repertoire. Lucky us. Bruce has played with the Boxcar Preachers of Austin since 2005. Currently writing music for his third childrens' musical in Austin with the Upstage Theater group. Also recording renowned troubadour Danny Santo, for his fifth Album at Mitchell Digital in Austin- specializing in fine acoustic music. Education: The dives and back roads of Austin and UTA. Current job: District Manager of Austin Community College, Media Wife/confidant and girl guru: Susanna. Band Code Name: Wolf Boy. Wolfie.
Bo Putnam - vocals, harmonica, washboard, secret egg, claves, sometimes mandolin. After 22-years in the mining industry with Newmont and worldwide consulting firm MRDI, Bo now works as a mining consultant. Education: MSc and BSc, Geology (NMIMT, 1977 and 1980), post-graduate (CSM 1992). Married to Susan & clan.

"Phlatbed" Steve Senn, 12 String Acoustic +

Steve has retired in Seattle, Washington, and plays at various spots around town. A former surveyor, Steve's wife Shirley and daughter Jennifer are seldom seen, but well worth it.

Dave Thomas (DT) - bass, vocals, guitar, mando and webmeister. DT is frankly our most exceptional member, having been awarded NM Tech's Brown Medal in 1978, and holds a number of patents relating to optics (non-reversing mirror). Current: Software Engineer and Psych Teacher at New Mexico Tech. Education: BSc and MSc, Maths (NMIMT 1977, 1980), BSc Physics (1979). In his spare time, DT is a vigorous skeptic of wacky and irrational science. Shown here wearing the Shroud of Socorro. Married to Pam, occasionally joined by sons Ben and Matt for pre-gig sets at Los Ojos.
Shaun Wilson, Sound. The "New Guy" is House Engineer and system tech at the Boom Boom Room, lead engineer at StarryPlough but left there for the BBR. In engineer rotation at Ashkenaz, Berkeley: Has accepted the House Engineer position at the Sweetwater.

Adjunct /Emeritus

Joe Johnson, Sound. He made us sound pretty good despite ourselves. Proprietor of Technical Support Consultants.
Geza Keller, Electric Guitar San Diego, CA,

Charles Mandeville, Sound Board
Socorro NM

Amy Blackburn, Violin - Albuquerque, NM

Dan Smerken ("Smokey") - smokin' banjo, guitar, vocals. Now Gainfully Employed in Olympia, Washington.


Los Ojos Bar
Jemez Springs, NM
Capitol Bar
Socorro, NM
Oct. 13th, 14th and 15th, 2016
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